Saturday, May 7, 2016

Landscape Service for CT


While meeting a customer for the first time to give an estimate I looked over at this mugo pine.  The unfortunate problem is this damage has been going on for 2 years.  And their past "lawn care service" failed to spot the damage. 

Looking for professional service that doesn't deteriorate after your contract is signed? Then contact SCHMIDT LAWN CARE to care for all your landscape maintenance needs and save yourself from one more headache.

We offer year-round grounds maintenance to keep your property looking spectacular; no matter what the unpredictable New England climate throws our way.

Keeping a new or established lawn vibrant takes more skill then pushing a lawn mower.  While we're in charge of your lawn care we'll be keeping an eye on the health of your lawn, not just the height.  We have the skill to notice problems before they get out of hand.  It's part of our SCHMIDT LAWN CARE service.   We'll make sure that aeration, density, insect activity, thatch and other factors are not having a detrimental effect on your lawn.

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